Flexible ventilation pipes are designed to supply air to the vertical workings (shafts, fore-shafts, shaft sumps)
We manufacture vertical air pipes in the form of:

– forced-air pipes,
– suction and forced-air pipes.

The vertical pipes have at least two bearing ropes and the steel hooks intended for suspension of the pipe in a working.
With the use of the hooks, the ventilation duct is permanently attached to the steel bearing ropes.
The ropes have the turn-buckles at one end and the thimbles at other end, making it possible to attach subsequent
sections of the air duct. The air pipes should be butt-connected with screw joints.

The basic requirement in construction of air ducts in vertical workings is to install,
in advance, the fixed elements (anchors) in the walls of the vertical working (shaft),
to which the vertical air pipes are then mounted.

Basic parameters:

Parameter Size Units Comments
Standard lengths 10, 15 m standard
Standard diameters 400 to 1200 mm standard
Operating pressure ≤ 15 000 Pa standard
Operating temperature -15 to + 70 ° C standard
Surface resistance < 1 x 10^9 Ω standard