A flexible, LS-type suction and forced-air ventilating pipe is a structure in the form of a sleeve with a spring
wire attached and a steel ring installed at each end.

The flexible LS-type air pipes are suspended in the workings with the use of ZL-type air pipe slings
or with the slings certified for use in the underground mines that are wrapped around the pipes.

The flexible suction air pipes may also be applied in the forced-air ventilation systems with the declared working resistance to overpressure of Δ Pp ≤ 15,000 Pa.
The perforated and rotational-type air pipes are designed for use in the forced-air ventilation systems.
Lutnie wirowe i perforowane ( patrz akcesoria) stosuje się do wentylacji tłoczącej.

Table: Basic technical data

The operating negative pressure results from the class of air pipe execution.
The class of an air pipe depends on the intended use of the applied wire, its diameter and pitch on the outer side of the pipe.
The suction air pipes are manufactured in the lengths from 1 m to 10 m.

Basic parameters:

Parameter SIze Unita Comments

Operating negative pressure Execution class: A

≤ 4 000 Pa standard

Operating negative pressure Execution class: B

≤ 6 000 Pa standard

Operating negative pressure Execution class: C

≤ 8 000 Pa standard

Operating pressure Execution class: K

≤ 15 000 Pa standard

Permissible temperature of operation

-15 to + 70 ° C standard

Surface resistance

≤ 1 x 10^9 Ω standard

Flammability class




Standard lengths

5 m standard