The DLK Company produces various types of certified screens design for the racks of powered supports, machines and equipment.
The screens are designed to protect the sliding surfaces of cylinders against aggressive environment in the underground mines.
The use of our screens allows to reduce the failure rate of hydraulic cylinders and decreases their servicing costs.

Other applications of flexible pipes:

• Heating of exhibition halls and tents with hot air.
• Compensators – vibration damping.
• Ventilation – of the halls, storage rooms and large-size facilities.
• Extractors of grinding dust.
• Welding – extractors of welding dusts and fumes generated during plasma cutting as well as during the arc welding processes.
• Transport of bulk materials – such as sawdust, grains, etc.
• Waste water treatment – transport of liquids that do not react with PVC (e.g. faeces, sludge, etc.)
• Dog training – the tunnels are used as accessories during training.

Depending on Customer requirements, we choose the technical fabrics characterising
with adequate mechanical, chemical and strength properties.