We produce flexible ventilation ducts for the mining industry, including the ducts designed
for the areas with methane and pulverized coal explosion hazard, traffic tunnels
and for other applications,with the use of top quality components.

The DLK ventilation ducts have all the required parameters according to the anticipated type of application,
and meet the requirements of applicable standards, as required by the relevant provisions of the law.

The items we currently manufacture and deliver to the underground mines include:
• complete ventilation systems,
• flexible ventilation ducts,
• air duct accessories,
• ventilation fabrics and special technical fabrics,
• curtains and screens,
• containers used to fill the voids,
• containers for mechanical linings,
• other products

In accordance with the applicable classification presented in Directive 94/9/EC – ATEX, our ventilation ducts have been classified to:
I group, M1 category
I group, M2 category

Based on the top quality of components used in the production processes in our company, our ventilation ducts
may be safely used in underground workings exposed to the risk of explosion of methane and/or coal dust.

Our products are regularly tested in the Certified Research Units and continuously controlled during the process
of production. The finished products are delivered to our Customers along with suitable documents that confirm
their quality in accordance with the applicable EU standards and regulations.